Trump heard bragging about having confidential document

 (Washington) Donald Trump boasts of having a confidential document in the presence of several people in a recording released by media on Monday evening, and which was cited as a key exhibit in the federal indictment against the ex- president.

We hear the Republican billionaire demonstrate this document, which he calls "secret," "highly confidential," and "not declassified," as stated in his June 13 indictment.

Notwithstanding the entries previously uncovered by the prosecution, the roughly two-minute recording, broadcast interestingly by CNN, appears to affirm that this report is a highly confidential arrangement itemizing a speculative assault on the Iran.

About his previous head of staff Imprint Milley, Donald Trump says: " He stated, "I wanted to attack Iran," and we then hear him rummaging through documents and his resume: Look. They presented it to me, though it was not recorded, because it came from him. It was from him, it was from the Division of Guard and from him. »

According to the indictment, the former president makes the remarks on July 21, 2021, in front of two employees and two people who came to interview him for a book based on the memoirs of his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

He said of the document, "As president, I could have declassified it." Presently I can't, you know, yet entirely it's as yet confidential. »

A counselor laughs and responds, "Now we have a problem."

Trump defends himself The former president called this recording "new electoral interference" on Monday evening following its broadcast.

Mr. Trump has blamed unique investigator Jack Smith, who was behind his arraignment and whom he depicts as "disturbed", the Branch of Equity and the American government police (FBI) of having "unlawfully spilled" and "featured" the sound recording.

Donald Trump pleaded not guilty in federal court in Miami to 37 charges, including "illegal withholding of national security information," "obstructing justice," and "false testimony," which were brought against him in the middle of June.

The beginning of his preliminary, noteworthy and possibly extremely harming for his mission for the American official appointment of 2024, had been set for August 14 by the adjudicator answerable for the case, however the examiner Smith asked that it be deferred to Dec. 11, as per court reports recorded Friday.

By storing confidential documents, such as military plans or information on nuclear weapons, in unsecure locations in his private residences, Donald Trump is accused of jeopardizing the nation's security.

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