McCarthy attempts damage control after questioning Trump’s strength as a candidate

 Speaker Kevin McCarthy has mixed to contain the aftermath after he recommended that previous President Donald Trump probably won't be the most grounded applicant in the 2024 official race - remarks that offended Trump partners and brought up new issues on the right about why the speaker still can't seem to support Trump in the packed GOP essential.

Two people who are familiar with McCarthy told CNN that he called Trump on Tuesday morning to apologize. This came after McCarthy said in an interview with CNBC that he thinks Trump can win in 2024, but that he doesn't know if he is the "strongest" candidate.

According to the sources, McCarthy told Trump that he misspoke on CNBC and that some reporters misinterpreted some of his comments. Partners were satisfied with McCarthy's statement of regret, however a few Trump guides told CNN they were as yet careful about the speaker. The New York Times was first to give an account of the call.

The prevention of damage did not end there.

Not long after his call with Trump, McCarthy strolled back his comments and offered profuse commendation of Trump in a selective meeting with the traditional distribution Breitbart. “I don’t think anyone can read his interview yesterday and not believe that he fully supports (Trump),” a Trump campaign adviser told CNN.

McCarthy's mission then, at that point, likewise impacted out a gathering pledges email considering Trump the "most grounded" rival to beat President Joe Biden.

The extent to which McCarthy still owes the former president, who is still popular with McCarthy's right flank, and his scramble to maintain Trump's favor and reaffirm his loyalty both privately and publicly demonstrates this. However, McCarthy has so far refused to endorse in the primary, illustrating the delicate balance he must maintain regarding Trump.

Yet, the speaker is probably going to go under expanding strain to get off the sidelines as the race warms up, even as a few senior conservatives have encouraged McCarthy to remain impartial, concerned it could place some weak House conservatives in a difficult situation. A small group of Republicans has serious reservations about having Trump as their candidate for president.

Some in Trump's circle say McCarthy has shown to them that his underwriting could hurt Trump with extreme right groups of the party that view McCarthy as a component of the foundation. One Trump counselor didn't laugh at this thinking, highlighting how angered with McCarthy a portion of Trump's most enthusiastic allies were at the speaker's remarks Tuesday.

However, given that the former president increased his support for McCarthy in his election as speaker earlier this year, those who are close to Trump anticipate McCarthy ultimately pledging his support for Trump.

Trump associates say that the former president helped McCarthy win the speakership by convincing House Republicans to back the troubled leader after McCarthy lost three consecutive votes in January. Prior to the vote, Trump also made calls on McCarthy's behalf. On the fifteenth vote, McCarthy finally won, and he thanked the former president right away for his support.

According to sources who are familiar with McCarthy's thinking, the speaker does not intend to endorse Trump or anyone else in the primary at this time, though it is still early and his decision may change.

Since getting into the race, Trump has been forcefully pursuing supports from partners on Legislative hall Slope, which he accepts will assist with setting his status as the leader. Elise Stefanik, Chair of the House GOP Conference, is currently the highest-ranking House Republican to endorse Trump.

When reporters have inquired about the reason why McCarthy has not offered an endorsement of Trump in 2024, some of the former president's advisers have brushed them off.

McCarthy has also avoided answering the question. McCarthy responded, "No, I don't plan to endorse anyone in the primary," when CNN inquired about his intentions. Yes, I could very well."

Inside Trump's reality, there have been inquiries concerning why the previous president hasn't released McCarthy.

"He might have allowed him to pursue January 6," one Trump partner expressed, highlighting a recording of McCarthy, delivered by The New York Times, telling GOP pioneers that he would push Trump to leave after the uprising.

Other Trump associates see a benefit in the former president's relationship with the current speaker, particularly in light of the House Republicans' ongoing investigations of Democrats.

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