CNN reveals recording where Trump discusses plans to attack Iran kept at home

 Donald Trump discusses classified plans to attack Iran that he allegedly kept at home in a recording released Monday night by CNN. "It was made by the army and given to me," he can be heard telling advisers.

In a recording delivered by CNN Monday night, June 26, previous US President Donald Trump - prosecuted for his supposed careless treatment of state mysteries in the wake of going out - examines ordered plans to go after Iran that he would have kept at home.

"A conversation in July 2021, shortly after his departure from power, during which ex-President Donald Trump admitted to having kept a confidential document from the Pentagon relating to a potential attack," states the American news channel. against Iran".

"Here are the papers," Donald Trump says in the recording, addressing guides about the Pentagon's assault plans.

He elaborates, "It was made by the army and given to me." As president, I might have declassified it. It's still a secret, you know, but now I can't."

"Presently we have an issue," brings up a guide. " How fascinating,” Donald Trump responds.

A federal court in Miami, Florida, indicted Donald Trump, who was in office from 2017 to 2021, in mid-June after he pleaded not guilty. Donald Trump was charged with 37 offenses in the indictment, which includes a mention of a portion of the recording that CNN broadcast. The previous president then talked about "terrible maltreatment of force", denying having kept arranged reports.

His campaign for the US presidential election in 2024 faces a historic and potentially very damaging trial as a result of this.

Sequential legal disputes
Donald Trump is blamed for imperiling the security of the US by keeping secret reports, remembering military plans or data for atomic weapons, in a washroom or extra space of his extravagance home in Blemish a-Lago , in Florida.

In addition, he is charged with "illegal retention of information relating to national security," "obstructing justice," and "false testimony" for refusing to return these documents in spite of court orders.

Donald Trump had proactively been charged toward the beginning of April by New York State equity for a few bookkeeping fakes regarding an installment made before the 2016 official political decision to quietness a X-film entertainer who professes to have been his escort.

He is still dealing with legal issues. The outcome of a Georgia prosecutor's investigation into his alleged efforts to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election must be announced by September.

An extraordinary examiner is likewise researching his job in the attack on the State house on January 6, 2021.

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